The Homily of the Apostolic Nuncio, Chapel of the Apostolic Nunciature, Friday 26th January 2018
Gospel: Mark 4: 26-34
In today’s Gospel, Jesus narrates two brief stories which take place every day in the life of all of us: the story of “the seed that grows by itself” and the story of “the small mustard seed”.
The farmer who plants knows the process, he knows how to wait. He does not cut down the grain before it is time. But he does not know how the soil, the rain, the sun and the seed have this force or strength to make the plant grow from nothing until it bears fruit. This is how the Kingdom of God is. It is a process. There are stages and moments of growth. It takes place in time. Nobody knows how to explain its mysterious force -  nobody, not even the landlord. Only God!
The mustard seed is small, but it grows, and at the end the birds make their nests in its branches. The Kingdom of God begins very small, it grows, and it extends its branches. The parable leaves an open question which will receive a response later on in the Gospel: Who are the birds? The text suggests that it is the pagans, who will not be able to enter the community and participate in the Kingdom.
Jesus tells many parables. All are taken from the life of the people! In this way He helped people discover the things of God in daily life, a life which becomes transparent because what is extraordinary from God is hidden in the ordinary and common things of daily life. People understood the things of life. In the parables they received the key to open them and to find the signs of God in them.