Homily of the Apostolic Nuncio Chapel of The Apostolic Nunciature New Delhi, 26 September 2018

Gospel: Luke 9: 1-6

In calling the Twelve, Jesus intensifies the announcement of the Good News. The objective of the mission is simple and clear: they received the power and authority to cast out devils, to cure the sick and to announce the Kingdom of God. Just as people were admired, astonished seeing Jesus’ authority over the unclean spirits, and seeing His way of announcing the Good News the same thing should happen with the preaching of the twelve apostles.

They go. It is the beginning of a new stage. Now, not only Jesus, but the whole group goes to announce the Good News to the people. If the preaching of Jesus caused conflict, now, with the preaching of the whole group, there will be a greater conflict.

At the time of Jesus, there were diverse movements of renewal. They had their own missionaries. But when they went on mission, they were advised: to carry a staff, and a haversack to put in it their food. They did not trust the food which was not “pure”. Contrary to the other missionaries, the disciples of Jesus received diverse recommendations which help us to understand the fundamental points of the mission, to announce the Good News.

They should take nothing. That means that Jesus obliges them to trust. He trusts in the people and thinks that He will be welcomed, received. With this attitude they criticize the laws of exclusion taught by the official religion and they show, by means of a new practice, that they had love as criteria in the Christ’s community.