Homily of the Apostolic Nuncio, Chapel of the Apostolic Nunciature, Wednesday 15 May 2019
Gospel: John 12:44-50
Today’s Gospel presents to us the last part of the Book of Signs, in which the Evangelist draws up a balance. Many believed in Jesus and had the courage to manifest their faith publicly, but they were afraid to be expelled from the Synagogue and many did not believe
To believe in Jesus is to believe in Him who sent Him. This is a summary of the Gospel of John. It is the theme that appears and reappears in many ways. Jesus is so united to the Father that He does not speak in His own name, but always in the name of the Father. He who sees Jesus, sees the Father. 
Jesus is a living response to the great questions which move and inspire the search of the human being. It is a light which enlightens the horizon. It makes one discover the luminous side of the darkness of faith.
The judgment is not done according to threats, with maledictions. The judgment consists in the way in which the person defines himself through his choices and actions in relation to Him.
For this reason, He does not offer proofs or arguments to those who provoke Him to legitimize His credentials. It is the Father who legitimizes Him through the works that He does, and in referring to works, He does not refer to great miracles, but to all that He says and does, even the most minute thing. Jesus Himself is the sign of the Father. He is the walking miracle, the total transparency. He does not belong to Himself, but is entirely the property of the Father.