Homily of the Apostolic Nuncio, Chapel of the Apostolic Nunciature, Wednesday 23 October 2019
Gospel: Luke 12:39-48
Today’s Gospel presents again the exhortation to vigilance with two other parables. Yesterday, it was the parable of the Master and the servant. Today, the first parable is the one of the householder and the burglar and the other one speaks of the master and the steward.
Just as the householder does not know at what hour the burglar will come, in the same way, no one knows the hour when the Son of Man will arrive. What is important is not to know the hour of the end of the world, but rather being capable of perceiving the coming of Jesus who is already present in our midst in the person of the poor and in so many other ways and events of every day life.
In the response to Peter’s question, Jesus formulates another question in the form of a parable. Immediately after, Jesus himself gives the response in the parable: the good steward is the one who carries out his mission of servant, he does not use the goods received for his own advantage, and is always vigilant and attentive. 
Even up until today, the final return of Jesus has not yet taken place! How can this delay be understood? We are not aware that Jesus has already returned, and that He is in our midst: “Look, I am with you always, yes, till the end of time”. (Mt 28: 20). He is already at our side in the struggle for justice, for peace and for life. The plenitude and the fullness has not been attained, but an example or guarantee of the Kingdom is already in our midst. This is why, we wait with firm hope for the total liberation of humanity and of nature. And when we wait and we struggle, we say rightly: “He is already in our midst!” (Mt 25: 40).