Homily of the Apostolic Nuncio Chapel of the Apostolic Nunciature Monday 26 March 2018
Gospel: John 12: 1-11
We have entered into the week of the Passover of Jesus. Liturgy today places before us the beginning of chapter 12 of the Gospel of John, which serves as a link between the Book of the Signs and the Book of the Glorification. At the end of the “Book of Signs” there appears, very clearly, the tension between Jesus and the religious authority of the time and the danger which Jesus was facing. Several times they had tried to kill Him. 
Six days before the Passover, Jesus went to Bethany to the house of His friends Martha and Mary and of Lazarus. The police were looking for Him. They wanted to kill Him. But even now that the police were looking for Jesus, Mary, Martha and Lazarus received Him in their house. Because love overcomes fear. 
During the meal, Mary anoints the feet of Jesus with a pound of perfume. It was a very costly perfume, and a great quantity. Then she dried His feet. Mary does not speak, she only acts. The gesture filled with symbolism speaks for itself. In washing the feet, Mary becomes a servant. Jesus will repeat the gesture at the Last Supper.
Lazarus is in danger of death because of the new life received from Jesus. The Jews had decided to kill Him. Lazarus alive was a living proof that Jesus was the Messiah. This is why the crowd was looking for Him, because people wanted to experience closely the living proof of the power of Jesus. A living community runs the risk of its life because it is the living proof of the Good News of God!