The Homily of the Apostolic Nuncio, Chapel of the Apostolic Nunciature, Saturday 30 September
In a moment of triumph, Jesus announces his Passion. The disciples, however, were so taken by the festive atmosphere that they did not understand this saying. They did not ask for explanations. The Gospel says: ‘they were afraid to ask him about this saying’”. They were afraid of the Cross.
The truth is that even Jesus was afraid of it. However, he could not deceive himself. He knew. And so great was his fear that on the night of Holy Thursday he sweat blood. He even asked God: “Father, remove this cup from me”. But, he added: “Thy will be done”. And this is the difference. 
This also happens when we commit ourselves to being witnesses of the Gospel and to following Jesus. “We are all content”, but we do not ask any further questions, we do not speak about the Cross. And yet, just as there is a rule which states that “a disciple is not greater than his master” so too there is also a rule which states “there is no fruitful apostolic work without the Cross”. 
Each one of us might think: what will happen to me? What will my cross be like? We do not know, but there will be a cross, and we need to ask for the grace not to flee when it comes. Of course, it scares us, but this is precisely where following Jesus takes us. Jesus’ words to Peter come to mind: “Do you love me? Feed … Do you love me? Tend …” (cf. Jn 21:15-19), and these were among his last words to him: “They will carry you where you do not wish to go”. He was announcing the Cross.