The Homily of the Apostolic Nuncio, Chapel of the Apostolic Nunciature, Wednesday 29th November 2017
Gospel: Luke 21:12-19
This Gospel passage is the first part of Jesus’ discourse on the end times. He delivers it in Jerusalem, close to the Temple.
Jesus predicts that his disciples will have to suffer painful trials and persecution for his sake. He reassures them, however, saying: “Not a hair of your head will perish”. This reminds us that we are completely in God’s hands! The trials we encounter in our faith and our commitment to the Gospel are occasions to give witness; we must not distance ourselves from the Lord, but instead abandon ourselves even more to him, to the power of his Spirit and his grace. 
At the end Jesus makes a promise which is a guarantee of victory: “By your endurance you will gain your lives”. There is so much hope in these words! They are a call to hope and patience, to be able to wait for the certain fruits of salvation, trusting in the profound meaning of life and of history: the trials and difficulties are part of the bigger picture; the Lord, the Lord of history, leads all to fulfillment. 
Despite the turmoil and disasters that upset the world, God’s design of goodness and mercy will be fulfilled! And this is our hope: going forward on this path, in God’s plan which will be fulfilled. This is our hope. 
Jesus’ message causes us to reflect on our present time and gives us the strength to face it with courage and hope.