Homily of the Apostolic Nuncio, Chapel of the Apostolic Nunciature, Monday 3 June 2019
Gospel: John 16:29-33
The context of today’s Gospel continues to be the environment of the Last Supper, which mirrors the situation in the Christian communities at the end of the first century. The Gospels are pastoral writings which seek to embody and update the words of Jesus in the new situations in which the communities find themselves. 
In the Gospel of John, the words and the questions of the disciples reveal the questions and problems of the communities. They are the mirror in which the communities of that time, as well as those of today, are recognized. They find light and strength in the answers of Jesus.
The disciples think that they have understood everything. Yes, truly they got a true light to clarify their problems, but it was still a very dim light. They got the seed, but at that moment, still did not know the tree. The light or the seed was the fundamental intuition of faith according to which Jesus is for us the revelation of God, who is Father. This was only the beginning, the seed. Jesus Himself was and continues to be the great parable, the revelation of God for us. God reaches us and reveals Himself to us, but he exceeds all, goes beyond our representations and gives us the unexpected surprise.
Jesus knows His disciples. He knows that there is still much lacking in their understanding of the mystery of God and of the Good News of God. He knows that in spite of their good will and in spite of the light, they still have to face the unexpected and painful passion and death of Jesus. With His sacrifice made out of love, Jesus conquers the world and Satan. His disciples are called to participate in the struggle and the victory. To feel the courage which He gives is already to overcome the battle.