Homily of the Apostolic Nuncio, Chapel of the Apostolic Nunciature, Wednesday 8 May 2019
Gospel: John 6:35-40
The people, enthusiastic with the perspective of having bread from heaven of which Jesus speaks and which gives life forever, ask: “Lord, give us always that bread!” (Jn 6:34). This petition of the people reminds us of the conversation of Jesus with the Samaritan woman. Jesus had said that she could have had within her a spring of living water, welling up to eternal life, and she, in an interested way, asks: “Lord, give me of that water!” (Jn 4:15). 
To eat the bread of heaven is the same as believing in Jesus. And to believe that He has come from heaven as a revelation of the Father. It is to accept the way which He has taught. But the people, in spite of having seen Jesus, do not believe in Him. Jesus is aware of the lack of faith and says: “You have seen Me and you do not believe”.
After the conversation with the Samaritan woman, Jesus had said to his disciples: “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me!”. Here, in the conversation with the people on the bread from heaven, Jesus touches on the same theme. This is the food which people should look for: to do the will of the Heavenly Father. And this is the bread which nourishes the person in life and gives life. 
Eternal life begins here, a life which is stronger than death! If we were really ready to do the will of the Father, we would have no difficulty to recognize the Father present in Jesus.