Homily of the Apostolic Nuncio, Chapel of the Apostolic Nunciature, Wednesday 10 April 2019
Gospel: John 8:31-42
In the form of concentric circles, John deepens the mystery of God which envelopes the person of Jesus. It seems like a repetition, because he always goes back to speak of the same point. In reality, it is the same point, but every time at a more profound level. 
Today’s Gospel treats the theme of the relationship of Jesus with Abraham, the Father of the People of God. John tries to help the communities understand how Jesus places himself within the whole history of the People of God. He helps to perceive the difference that existed between Jesus and the Jews, and also the Jews and the others, as all of us are sons and daughters of Abraham.
To be a disciple of Jesus is the same as opening oneself to God. The words of Jesus are in reality words of God. They communicate the truth, because they make things known as they are in the eyes of God and not in the eyes of the Pharisees. Later, during the Last Supper, Jesus will teach the same thing to the disciples.
The reaction of the Jews is immediate. Jesus repeats and confirms making a distinction between son and slave. Jesus is the son and remains in the house of the Father. The slave does not live in the house of the Father. To live outside the house, outside of God means to live in sin. If they would accept the word of Jesus, they could become sons and attain liberty. They would no longer be slaves of the sin. Between the lines, He suggests that their father is Satan. He suggests that they are sons of infidelity, of prostitution.
But they will not open themselves to this new experience of God, and because of this they will not recognize Jesus as the one sent by the Father.