Meditation of the Apostolic Nuncio, Apostolic Nunciature, New Delhi, Thursday 3 September 2020
Gospel: Luke 5:1-11
When the Lord had performed many and various kinds of cures, the multitude began to heed neither time nor place in their desire to be healed. The evening came, they followed; a lake is before them, they still press on. 
For they clung to Him with love and admiration, and longed to keep Him with them. For who would depart while He performed such miracles? who would not be content to see only His face, and the mouth that uttered such things? Nor as performing miracles only was, He an object of admiration, but His whole appearance was overflowing with grace. Therefore, when He speaks, they listen to Him in silence, interrupting not the chain of His discourse.
Having sufficiently taught the people, He returns again to His mighty works, and by the employment of fishing fishes for His disciples.
When Christ commanded to let down the nets, the multitude of the fishes taken was just as great as the Lord of the sea and land willed. For the voice of the Word is the voice of power, at whose bidding at the beginning of the world light and the other creatures came forth. 
Mark their faith and obedience. For though they were eagerly engaged in the employment of fishing, yet when they heard the command of Jesus, they delayed not, but forsook all and followed Him. Such is the obedience which Christ demands of us; we must not forego it, even though some great necessity urges us.
The episode of the catch of fish along the lake indicates the attraction and the force of the Word of Jesus. He attracts people. He urges Peter to offer his boat to Jesus to be able to speak. The word of Jesus is so strong that it overcomes the resistance in Peter. It convinces him to cast the nets into the sea again and there is the miraculous catch. It overcomes in him the urge to leave Jesus and attracts him to become a “fisher of men”. This is the way the Word of God acts in us, even now!