Homily of the Apostolic Nuncio, Chapel of the Apostolic Nunciature, Wednesday 6 February 2019
Gospel: Mark 6:1-6
The Gospel today speaks of the visit of Jesus to Nazareth and describes the obstinacy of the people of Nazareth who do not want to accept Him. After a long absence, Jesus also returns, and as usual, on Saturday, He goes to the synagogue to participate in the meeting of the community. Jesus was not the coordinator of the community, but even though He was not, He takes the floor and begins to teach. 
The people of Capernaum had accepted the teaching of Jesus, but the people of Nazareth did not like the words of Jesus and were scandalized. They do not accept God’s mystery present in Jesus, a human being and known by all. 
The conflict was not only with foreigners, but especially with His relatives and with the people of Nazareth. They refused to believe in Jesus, because they could not understand the mystery of God embracing the person of Jesus. 
In fact, where there is no acceptance or faith, people can do nothing. The preconception prevents this. Even if Jesus wanted to do something, He cannot. 
The experience of this rejection led Jesus to change His practice. He goes to the other villages and, as we shall see in tomorrow’s Gospel, He gets the disciples involved in the mission instructing them on how they have to continue the mission.