Visa for Religious Motives to Italy can be obtained by priests and religious men and women (at least 1st Professed Religious Sisters and Brothers. Postulants and Novices are not to be recommended)

Before applying to the Italian Embassy/Consulate, the candidate can request a Recommendation Letter from the Apostolic Nunciature.

Documents required for Recommendation Letter:

Filled Application Form from Italian Embassy/Consulate

  • Letter from local Superior in India
  • Letter from Local Ordinary
  • Letter from Superior/Sponsor in Rome, attested by Secretariat of State
  • Copy of Passport
  • Priests going for Pastoral Ministry need to provide “Convenzione” from Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI)

N.B. The dates of the staying in Italy have to be clearly mentioned in the Sponsor Letter and in the local Superior letter equally.

* The Apostolic Nunciature can not recommend Visa for tourists.