Homily of the Apostolic Nuncio Chapel of the Apostolic Nunciature Wednesday 19 September 2018
Gospel: Luke 4: 38-44
In today’s Gospel we see the originality of the Good News which opens the way for people who are attached to ancient forms of faith who feel lost and do not understand anything more of God’s action. In order to hide their lack of openness and of understanding they defend and seek childish pretexts to justify their attitude of lack of acceptance. Jesus reacts with a parable to denounce the confusion. 
The comparison which Jesus finds is this one. Spoiled children, all over the world, have the same reaction. They complain when others do not do and act as they say. The reason for Jesus’ complaint is the arbitrary way with which people in the past reacted before John the Baptist and how they react before Jesus.
Jesus believed in John the Baptist and was baptized by him. At the same time, Jesus stressed the difference between Him and John. John was more severe, more ascetical, did not eat nor drink. Jesus was more welcoming; He ate and drank like everybody else. He went through the towns and entered the houses of the people; He accepted the tax collectors and the prostitutes. Even considering His words regarding “the men of this generation”, in a general way, probably, Jesus had in mind the opinion of the religious authority who did not believe in Jesus.
And Jesus ends drawing this conclusion: “Yet, wisdom is justified by all her children”. The lack of seriousness and of coherence is clearly seen in the opinion given on Jesus and on John. The bad will is so evident that it needs no proof. That recalls the response of Job to his friends who believe that they are wise: “Will no one teach you to be quiet! - the only wisdom that becomes you!”