Homily of the Apostolic Nuncio Chapel of the Apostolic Nunciature New Delhi, 27 September 2018
Gospel: Luke 9:7-9
Who is Jesus? The text begins with the exposition of the opinion of the people and of Herod on Jesus. People tried to understand Jesus starting from things that they knew, thought and expected. 
They tried to set Him against the background of the familiar criteria of the Old Testament with its prophecies and hopes, and of the tradition of the ancients with their laws. But these were insufficient criteria; Jesus could not enter into them, He was much bigger!
Herod, a superstitious man without scruples, recognizes that he was the murderer of John the Baptist. Now, he wants to see Jesus. Luke suggests thus that the threats begin to appear on the horizon of the preaching of Jesus. Herod had no fear to kill John. He will not be afraid to kill Jesus. 
On the other hand, Jesus does not fear Herod. Herod has no power over Jesus. When at the hour of the passion, Pilate sends Jesus to be judged by Herod, Jesus does not respond anything. Herod does not deserve a response.
Herod wants to see Jesus. His was a superstitious and morbid curiosity. Others want to see Jesus because they seek a sense for their life. Others seek Him out of earthly wants. What motivation do we have which moves us to see and encounter Jesus?