The Homily of the Apostolic Nuncio, Chapel of the Apostolic Nunciature, Saturday 11 November 2017
Gospel: Luke 16:9-15
“No one can serve two masters… You cannot serve both God and money”.
The parable of the sower helps us to understand; the seed that fell upon the thorny ground was choked. Jesus says ‘riches and worldly concerns’ choked it. We see that Jesus had clear ideas on this. 
Riches and worldly concerns cut us out of time. Our whole life rests on three pillars: one in the past, one in the present and another in the future. This is clear in the Bible; the pillar of the past is the choice.... The Lord chose us. Each one of us can say: ‘the Lord chose me, he loved me, he chose me to follow a path, the Christian path’. 
The future is the promise Jesus made to humankind. He chose us, to walk towards a promise. Lastly, the present is our response to this God who suggests a covenant; and I make a covenant with him.
Choice, promise and covenant. These are therefore the three pillars of the entire history of salvation. However, it can sometimes happen that when riches and worldly concerns enter in our heart, as Jesus explains to us, it cuts out the past, it cuts out the future and confuses the present. This happens because wealth is an idol. 
It has no need of a past, or a promise, it needs nothing. Those attached to wealth, therefore remain confused and lonely. 
Let us not cut out the past: we have a Father who has set our way. And the future is joyful too, for we are journeying toward a promise and no concerns surface. The Lord is faithful, he does not disappoint. And so, let us go onwards.