Homily of the Apostolic Nuncio, Chapel of the Apostolic Nunciature, Saturday 22 February 2020
Gospel: Matthew 16:13-19
Today’s Gospel presents us three points: the opinion of the people concerning Jesus Christ, the opinion of Saint Peter regarding Jesus Christ and the response of Jesus to Saint Peter.
Our Lord Jesus asks for the opinion of the people regarding who He is. The responses are diverse. Immediately, Jesus asks the opinion of the disciples. Saint Peter becomes the spokesperson. The response is not new. It means that through Jesus the prophecies of the Old Testament are fulfilled. Jesus proclaims Saint Peter blessed because he had received the revelation from the Father. 
Saint Peter is Rock. Peter has to be Rock, the stable foundation for the Church in such a way that it can resist against the gates of Hell. The rock as the basis of faith reminds the words of God to the People in exile: “Consider the rock from which you were hewn”.
He is rock-foundation and is rock a stumbling obstacle. In our Catholic Church we insist very much on Peter rock-foundation and we forget Peter-stumbling rock or obstacle. On the one hand Peter was weak in his faith, doubtful, and tries to deviate or withdraw from Jesus. He was afraid in the garden; he fell asleep and fled. On the other hand, he was like the little ones whom Jesus called blessed. After the death and resurrection of Jesus, his image grew and he became a symbol of the community. Peter is firm in faith not because of his own merits, but because Jesus prays for him, in order that his faith would not fail.