Homily of the Apostolic Nuncio Chapel of the Apostolic Nunciature Thursday 18 October 2018
Gospel: Luke 10:1-9
Jesus tries to renew and organize the communities in such a way that again they are an expression of the Covenant. 
At the time of Jesus there were other movements which were looking for a new way to live and to live together. John the Baptist, the Pharisees for example. They also formed communities of disciples and missionaries. But there was a great difference.
The disciple is the spokesperson of Jesus. He is not the owner of the Good News. All the disciples have to feel that they are responsible for the mission. This is why I should pray to the Father for the continuity of the mission. 
The mission is a difficult and dangerous task because the system in which the disciples lived, is contrary to the reorganization of living communities. Do not greet anybody on the way means that no time should be lost with things which do not belong to the mission.
When the Pharisees went on mission they thought that they could not trust the food the people would give them and that it was not always ritually “pure”. For this reason they took with them a haversack, a purse and money. They could not live separated, eating their own food. This means that they should accept sharing around the table. The disciples have to take care of the sick, cure the lepers and cast out devils. That means that they should accept those who were excluded within the community. 
If these requests are respected, then the disciples can and should shout out to all parts of the world: The Kingdom of God has arrived!