Homily of the Apostolic Nuncio Chapel of the Apostolic Nunciature New Delhi, 24 March 2018
Gospel: John 11: 15-56
The Gospel today gives the last part of the long episode of the resurrection of Lazarus the seventh sign (miracle) of Jesus in John’s Gospel.
Bethany means “The House of the Poor”. They were poor communities and a poor people. Lazarus means “God helps”. The community which was poor expected everything from God. The resurrection of Lazarus communicated this certainty: Jesus is the source of life for the community of the poor, who believe in Him. 
After the resurrection of Lazarus, there is the description of the repercussion of this sign. The people were divided: many believed in Him, but some of them went to the Pharisees to denounce Him. We must be aware that half of the population of Jerusalem depended on the Temple as to be able to live and to survive. Because of this, it would have been difficult for them to support a person who criticized the Temple and the authority. This also explains why some even were ready to inform the authority. 
One of the causes of His condemnation of Jesus was the resurrection of Lazarus. The Pharisees and the majority of the people say that they believe in the Resurrection. It was only faith in the resurrection at the end of time and not in the present resurrection in history, here and now. This ancient faith did not renew life. It is not enough to believe in the resurrection which will come at the end of time, but it is necessary to believe in the Resurrection already present here and now in the person of Jesus and in those who believe in Jesus.