Homily of the Apostolic Nuncio Chapel of the Apostolic Nunciature 25 May 2018
Gospel: Mark 10:1-12
Yesterday’s Gospel indicated the advice given by Jesus on the relationship between adults and children. Today’s Gospel advises us how the relationship between man and woman should be, between wife and husband.
The question of the Pharisees is a malicious one. It wants to put Jesus to the test. Instead of responding, Jesus asks: “What did Moses command you?”. Jesus explains that the intention of God was different when He created the human being. Jesus goes back to the plan of the Creator and denies to man the right to divorce his wife.
However, the Lord's masterpiece was not finished there, during the days of creation. For the Lord has chosen this very image to explain the love that he has for his people. The Lord’s love is so great, that even when his people are unfaithful, still he speaks to them words of love. Thus the Lord holds up this love contained in the masterpiece of creation in order to explain the love he has for his people. When Paul needs to explain the mystery of Christ, he also does so in relation and in reference to the bride. For Christ is wedded: he wedded the Church, his people 
At home the disciples asked Jesus something on this point. Jesus goes to the very depth of the question and says that matrimony as well as celibacy should be at the service of the Kingdom and not at the service of egoistic or selfish interests.