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Diocese of Tuticorin

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Rite: Latin
Region : Tamil Nadu
Patron: St. Francis Xavier, St. Theresa of Lisieux
Founded: 12 June 1923
Province: Madurai
Status: Diocese
Total area:  6,440 sq. kms.
Total Population : 2555,000
Catholics Total: 426,169
Diocesan Priests: 216
Religious Priests: 33
Religious Sisters: 515
Minor Seminarians: 0
Major Seminarians: 0

Diocese of Tuticorin at a Glance

Ecclesiastical Institutions

Parishes & Substations : 109Retreat Centres: 02
Major Seminaries : 0Diocesan Minor Seminaries: 0
Congregation Minor Seminaries: 0Religious Formation Houses : 12
Men Religious Houses: 0Women Religious Houses: 0

Charitable Institutions

Hospitals : 10Dispensaries / Clinics / Health Centres: 14
Orphanages : 37Homes for Aged & Destitute : 05
Schools for Physically Challenged: 01Homes for Physically Challenged : 0
Crèches: 0Boarding Houses : 0
Counselling Centres : 0De-addiction Centre: 10
Social Centres : 07HIV / AIDS Centre: 0

Educational Institutions

Professional Colleges : 10Degree Colleges: 02
Parallel Colleges : 0Vocational / Technical Training Centres : 38
Higher Secondary / Junior Colleges : 35High Schools : 27
Upper Primary Schools: 62Lower Primary Schools:136
Nurseries / Pre-Primary Schools :67Presses & Media Centres : 04


Thoothukudi, also calledTuticorin in English, is a port City in South India and a metropolitan city inTamilnadu. It had once been a beautiful peal – fishery town. There had beenconstant conflicts here between the Muslims and the fishermen from 1520s toroughly 1550s. In this struggle, the Portuguese came to help the fishermen. ASan expression of gratitude, during 1535-37, thousands of fisher folk embracedChristianity. To serve these newly converted Christians, both Ignatius ofLoyola and Pope Paul II sent St. Francis Xavier who landed in Thoothukudi in1542.

The first groupconversion in the interior took place at Marichukatti, the presentAzhagapapuram near Kurumbur in 1550 by the efforts of the Jesuit Priest. As a result,the first Church ever to be erected in the interior was that of Marichukattidedicated to St. Michael, the Archangle (1571). Many more conversions tookplace in the other parts of the interior around the year 1600 particularly atSrivaikundam, Thirukalur, Kalakadu, Vadakangulam, Azhagapapuram, Anaikarai(Isalapuram), Kallikulam (Theraikulam) and in the vicinity of Sathankulam. TheChurch of St. James at Srivaikundam and that St. Mathew the Apostle atThirukalur were erected already in 1600. As Thirukalur was then the biggestChristian Village in the interior, naturally it became the first Parish in theinterior of the present Diocese of Tuticorin and Srivaikundam and othervillages were all attached to Thirukalur as its substations.

The Misssion ofThoothukudi was first placed under the Goa Mission. Then in 1557 it wasattached to Cochin and in 1600 it became a separate Vicariate. In 1886 whenTiruchirappali became a separate Diocese, Thoothukudi formed a part of it.Separated from Tiruchirappali, Thoothukudi was created a Diocese in 1923 by theApostolic Brief “Quae Catholico Nomini”ofPope Pius XI. This new Diocese was entrusted to the indigenous Clergy with Rt.Rev. Francis Tiburtius Roche S.J. as its first Bishop who also the first IndianBishop of the Latin Rite.

Bishop Thomas Fernandowas consecrated as the second Bishop of Tuticorin on 7th October1950. In January 1971, Bishop Thomas Fernando was transferred to the Diocese ofTiruchy. On 9th December 1971 Bishop M. Ambrose was consecrated asthe third Bishop and he also was transferred to the Diocese of Coimbatore. On 4thFebruary 1981 Bishop S.T. Amalnather was consecrated as the fourth Bishop ofTuticorin. After his retirement on 8th December 1999, Bishop PeterFernando who was consecrated as the co- adjutor on 29th May 1996took charge of the Diocese, as the fifth Bishop of Tuticorin. Then due to hispromotion as the Archbishop of Madurai on 22nd March 2003, the Seewas vacant for about two years during which period Archbishop Peter Ferenandoremained the Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese. On 18th May2005 Bishop Yvon Ambroise, the present Bishop, was consecrated as the sixthBishop of Tuticorin.

The present ThoothukudiDiocese comprises a major part of the newly created Thoothukudi district,nearly half of Thirunelveli district and a small portion of Kanyakumaridistrict. There are 116 parishes and one quasi parish (Meenavankulam) and about500,000 (2015) Catholic in this Diocese.

Pilgrim Centres

Pilgrim Centres:  

Former Bishops

Right Rev. Yvon Ambroise
Bishop Emeritus of Tuticorin
Personal Details
Priestly Ordination:23-Dec-1967
Episcopal Ordination:18-May-2005

Tel(P): 09442505667
Email(P): bishopyvon@gmail.com
Contact Details
Bishop Emeritus of Tuticorin Catholic Bishop’s House 82, Great Cotton Road, Tuticorin - 628 001 (Tamilnadu)
Tel(O): 0461-23 20 035
Fax : 23 27 710
Email : tutya@dataone.in
Most Rev. Peter Fernando Bishop1999-2003
Most Rev. Siluvaimathu Teresanathan AmalnatherBishop1980-1999
Most Rev. Ambrose MathalaimuthuBishop1971-1979
Most Rev. Thomas Fernando Bishop1953-1970
Most Rev. Francis Tiburtius RocheBishop1923-1953