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Goa & Daman 

Archdiocese of Goa & Daman 

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Rite: Latin
Patron: Blessed Joseph Viz
Founded: 31 January 1533
Province: Goa & Daman
Status: Archdiocese
Total area: 3,195 Sq. km
Total Population : 1,600,000
Catholics Total: 633,455
Diocesan Priests: 450
Religious Priests: 327
Religious Sisters: 0
Minor Seminarians: 0
Major Seminarians: 0

Archdiocese of Goa & Daman  at a Glance

Ecclesiastical Institutions

Parishes & Substations : 167Retreat Centres: 05
Major Seminaries : 0Diocesan Minor Seminaries: 0
Congregation Minor Seminaries: 0Religious Formation Houses : 56
Men Religious Houses: 0Women Religious Houses: 0

Charitable Institutions

Hospitals : 04Dispensaries / Clinics / Health Centres: 13
Orphanages : 11Homes for Aged & Destitute : 19
Schools for Physically Challenged: 0Homes for Physically Challenged : 0
Crèches: 0Boarding Houses : 0
Counselling Centres : 0De-addiction Centre: 02
Social Centres : 18HIV / AIDS Centre: 0

Educational Institutions

Professional Colleges : 04Degree Colleges: 05
Parallel Colleges : 0Vocational / Technical Training Centres : 38
Higher Secondary / Junior Colleges : 16High Schools : 42
Upper Primary Schools: 01Lower Primary Schools:24
Nurseries / Pre-Primary Schools :09Presses & Media Centres : 07


The glorious chapter of the expansion of the Catholic Church in the east can be said to have begun after the European 'discovery' of the sea route to India in 1498. This helped the coming of the European fathers to these lands, one of them being St. Francis Xavier, the great Apostle of the East and Patron of the Missions. Goa is privileged to have been the starting point of his Church work labours and the place where his sacred remains are preserved.

Goa was called the "Rome of the East" due to the central role it played in the evangelization of the east. One Goan priest, Fr Joseph Vaz, who distinguished himself in the evangelization of Sri Lanka and is therefore acclaimed as the 'Apostle of Ceylon', was beatified by Pope John Paul II on January 21, 1995. Another Goan priest, Fr Agnelo de Souza, member of the Missionary Society of Pilar, is hopefully on the way to beatification.
Pope Clement VII erected the See of Goa on January 31, 1533. Its Jurisdiction extended from the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, to China and Japan. On February 4, 1557, Pope Paul IV detached Goa from the province of Lisbon and raised it to a Metropolitan Archdiocese, having as suffragans the Dioceses of Cochin and Malacca (Malaysia). In the course of time, the Sees of Macau (near Hong Kong), Funay (Japan), Cranganore, Mylapore, Nanking and Peking in China, Mozambique in East Africa and Daman were created and made suffragans of Goa.

In 1572, Pope Gregory XIII, by his Brief dated March 15, acknowledged the Archbishop of Goa as the Primate of the East. By 1857, Goa had gained some more suffragans while, on the other hand, it had lost most of its overseas suffragans, to the exception of Macau and Mozambique. On January 23, 1886, Pope Leo XIII invested the Archbishop of Goa with the title of Patriarch of East Indies. In the same year, the Archdiocese of Cranganore was suppressed and its title was annexed to the Diocese of Daman, and, after the suppression of the later in 1928, to the Archdiocese of Goa. From 1928, this Archdiocese is known as "Goa and Daman," and its Archbishop is also the Titular Archbishop of Cranganore.

Further delinkings were effected when Mozambique was detached from Goa in 1940, followed by the Dioceses of Cochin and Mylapore in 1950 and the Vicariates General of the Ghats (Districts of Belgaum, Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri and Sangli) and of Canara (North Canara Dt.) in 1953.

By the end of 1961, Indian troops marched on Goa, Daman and Diu and the Portuguese sovereignty over these territories came to an end. The following year, the last Portuguese Patriarch-Archbishop of Goa and Daman, Abp Jose Vieira Alvernaz, left India. By the time his resignation was accepted by the Holy See in 1975, the Archdiocese of Goa and Daman had been governed by Goa Apostolic Administrators (Bishop Francisco Rebelo till 1972, and Bishop Raul N. Gonsalves till 1978). Meanwhile, as late as 1976, the Diocese of Macau (China) and Timor (Indonesia) were delinked and the Archdiocese of Goa and Daman was placed directly under the Congregation for the Evangelisation of the Peoples. The area of the Archdiocese today is comprised of the territory of Goa and the territories belonging to the suppressed Diocese of Daman, v.g. Daman, Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli.

By Papal Bull "Quoniam Archdioecesi" dated January 30, 1978, Pope Paul VI appointed Bp Raul N. Gonsalves to the Archiepiscopal See of Goa and Daman, with the title of Patriarch "ad honorem" of the East Indies. Having taken canonical possession of the Archdiocese in the 'Se Catedral' at Old Goa, on March 5, 1978, Abp Raul N. Gonsalves became the 33rd Archbishop of Goa and Daman and the 6th Patriarch of the East Indies - "the first Indian incumbent of that office".

  In the Centenary Year of the Patriarchate of the East Indies (1886-1986), the Primatial Archdiocese of Goa and Daman was visited by His Holiness John Paul II who, during his pastoral visit to India, stayed in Goa from 5th to 7th February 1986.

By the Papal Bull "Inter Gravissimas" of Pope John Paul II, dated 12th December, 2003, Most. Rev. Filipe Neri Ferrao, ordained Bishop on 10th April, 1994 and serving the Archdiocese as its Auxiliary Bishop, was appointed Archbishop of Goa and Daman and Patriarch "ad honorem" of the East Indies. the public announcement of the appointment was made on the 16th January, 2004 and he was officially installed at the "Se Cathedral" at Old Goa, on the 21st March, 2004.

On November 25, 2006, the holy Father constituted the Diocese of Sindhudurg, formerly a Suffragan of Bombay diocese, as a Suffragan of this Archdiocese, thus creating once again (after a gap of thirty years) the Metropolitan Province of Goa and Daman. 

Pilgrim Centres

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Former Bishops

Most Rev. Raul N. Gonsalves
Archbishop Emeritus of Goa and Daman
Personal Details
Priestly Ordination:21-Dec-1950
Episcopal Ordination:5-Mar-1967

Tel(P): (0)9822104067
Email(P): archbpgoa@gmail.com
Contact Details
Archbishop’s House, Altinho, Panjim, Goa - 403 001
Tel(O): 0832-2433600,2433610,2225235
Fax : 22 24 139
Email : archbpgoa@gmail.com
His Eminence Cardinal Filipe Neri FerraoAuxiliary Bishop1993-2003
Most Rev. José Vieira AlvernazArchbishop1953-1975
Most Rev. José Cardinal da Costa NuñesArchbishop1940-1953
Most Rev. Teotonio Emanuele Ribeira Vieira de CastroArchbishop1923-1940
Most Rev. Matheus de Oliveira XavierArchbishop1909-1929
Most Rev. Antonio Sebastião ValenteArchbishop1881-1908
Most Rev. Aires de Ornelas de VasconcelosArchbishop1874-1880
Most Rev. João Crisóstomo de Amorim Pessoa, O.F.M.Archbishop1861-1874
Most Rev. José Maria da Silva Torres, O.S.B.Archbishop1843-1848
Most Rev. Manuel Santo Galdino, O.F.M. Archbishop1812-1831
Most Rev. Manuel de Santa Catarina, O.C.D.Archbishop1783-1812
Most Rev. Francisco da Assumpção e Brito, O.S.A.Archbishop1773-1783
Most Rev. Antonius Taveira de Neiva BrumArchbishop1750-1773
Most Rev. Lourenço de Santa MariaArchbishop1742-1752
Most Rev. Eugénio Trigueiros, O.S.A.Archbishop1740-1741
Most Rev. Inácio de Santa Teresa, O.S.A.Archbishop1721-1740
Most Rev. Sebastião de Andrade PeçanhaArchbishop1715-1721
Most Rev. Agostinho da AnunciaçãoArchbishop1690-1713
Most Rev. Alberto de São Gonçalo da SilvaArchbishop1686-1688
Most Rev. Manoel de Sousa e MenezesArchbishop1680-1684
Most Rev. António Brandão, O. CistArchbishop1674-1678
Most Rev. Cristovão da Silveira, O.S.A.Archbishop1670-1673
Most Rev. Francisco dos Martyres, O.F.M.Archbishop1636-1652
Most Rev. Manoel Telles, O.P.Archbishop1631-1633
Most Rev. Sebastião de São Pedro, O.S.AArchbishop1625-1629
Most Rev. Cristovão da Sá e Lisboa, O.S.H.Archbishop1616-1622
Most Rev. Aleixo de Meneses Archbishop1595-1612
Most Rev. Mateus de Medina Archbishop1588-1592
Most Rev. Vicente de Fonseca, O.P.Archbishop1583-1586
Most Rev. Henrique de Távora e Brito, O.P. Archbishop1577-1581
Most Rev. Gaspar de Leão PereiraArchbishop1574-1576
Most Rev. Jorge Temudo, O.P.Archbishop1567-1571
Most Rev. Gaspar de Leão PereiraArchbishop1560-1567
Most Rev. Joao Alonso D AlbuqoerqueBishop1539-1553
Most Rev. Francisco De MeloBishop1533-1533